May 16, 2013

No Mo' Fro

I cut all my hair off. Liberating. The millions of things that I had to do just to prep my hair no longer exists and I'm more than ready for the summer and not having to deal with hair. With that being said, I will most likely not be blogging about natural hair anymore. It is BORING. Three years and a half years into blogging, I think I may have said everything there is to say about natural hair concerning me. I want to blog about, whatever and not feel like I have to meet some expectations. Blogging about natural hair really took the fun out of blogging for me, and I've been blogging since Xanga. So I guess this is to say I'm back to blogging about what I feel is important, ranting about what I feel like, and posting whatever tickles my fancy. I'm no longer the girl with the fro, blogging about fros.

1 comment:

zainab1 said...

yES! Love your hair. Sharp! I feel you about blogging about hair , and getting bored. Thats where I am now also. I blog about more than just hair now. When I started blogging it was always about hair. No more I feel its lots of others areas that can also be shared other than "JUST' hair. Although I will continue to speak about natural hair, just not as much. I couldn't agree with you more. Take care