May 20, 2013

Good Girl, Bad Skin

These past few weeks my skin has been looking like the Dark Side of The Moon. I've tried everything from Benzonite Clay Masks to my usual African Black Soap. NOTHING was making a difference. I was almost ready to throw in the towel on this one. I didn't know if it was stress, pre-period pimples or what bu something HAD to give. I was prepared to spend big coin on some random get-clear-quick scheme until it dawned on me, I'm using great all natural products. These products have worked for me and I have sworn by them for years, why do I need to switch up the formula now? So I didn't, I just switched up my battle plan and started washing my face in the shower.

Why the shower? 

The shower offers a lot of steam if you turn the temperature high enough, steam is known for opening up pores. Once I was sure that my pores were open (about 10 minutes of thorough body washing at high temperatures) I used the black soap to clean out my now opened pores. The next morning, I noticed a huge difference in my skin- I love immediate results! If you don't like to steam in the shower, you can purchase a face steamer, or place a hot towel on your face to help open up your pores. The main idea is to get those pores open and clean them OUT. I'll repeat this method for the next 2-3 showers in order to rid my skin of blackheads and prevent future breakouts. To take your steam cleanse up a level, add exfoliation to your regimen. Shower exfoliation is best for loosening up dirt and blackheads. Happy cleansing ladies!

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