May 20, 2013

DIY Extreme Destroyed Jeans

This weekend I destroyed another pair of denim jeans. Ever since that mishap in '11 I have successfully destroyed numerous pairs of denim. This time I decided to do a more destroyed design. This called for my favorite light wash, high waist old school levi's, since they were my favorite I was determined to get them right. I like to use old school heavy denim, not spandex blends for my DIY projects.

Here are the Steps below to help you create this look with your denim:

1) Connect denim at the seams, creasing them.

 2) Cut horizontally across the crease, starting at the top and working towards the bottom. For this pair I started with larger cuts then decreased as I went down the legs.

*The ripped effect occurs naturally during the bleaching/washer/dryer process.

3) After I knotted the pant legs, I dipped them in a blean solution of 1 part bleach, 2 parts water. Knotting the pants adds to the destroyed/bleach look, making it appear more tie-dyed.

4) I let the denim soak for about 10 minutes then run them out in a laundry sink, then washed them twice by themselves. Once to remove the bleach, and a second time for the smell.

5) Afterwards I placed them in a dryer.

Pants are now ready to wear, here are the results:

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