Mar 17, 2013

The Mahogany Queen Store.

I haven't spent much time blogging lately and for that I apologize. I've been working on my natural hair products and that has taken up quite a bit of time. I've expanded and fine tuned the product line and I'm very happy about the hard work and products I have put forth to help bring you happy hair. I am currently working on fine tuning the Mahogany Queen Bath Products and I've come up with a few great things. Organic Lavender Oil and Lavender Rose Bath Salts, all home and handmade by me. Here is a back-story about Mahogany Queen and its' newest products:

About Mahogany Queen:
Mahogany Queen is an all-natural skin and body care line that provides beauty products with all natural ingredients and simple formulas. We want to show that simplicity is key when caring for you. Mahogany Queen aims to show men and women that the earth provides everything that you need by way of beauty products, hopefully leading its customer base to a more holistic lifestyle while encouraging men and women to embrace themselves naturally.

Organic Lavender Oil- 
Organic handmade lavender oil with a sunflower oil base. This oil is great for head-to-toe use. It's lightweight formula makes it ideal for massages, hot oil treatments, sealing the hair cuticle and moisture for your hair and body.

Lavender Oil can be used for:

-aromatherapy, relieving tension, depression and calming the nerves. Also helps create greater intuition and clarity
-Promotes opening of the heart and crown chakra
-Aching muscles
-Emotional Calming

And so much more!

Lavender Rose Bath Salts-

This bath salt is infused with lavender oil and pink rose petals for your bath time enjoyment.

Bath salts have been known to detox, clear skin, ease joint pain, improve digestion, relax muscles and help provide mental clarity.

These bath salts are perfect for the royal treatment and a nice relaxing evening. The lavender aromatherapy will help you wind down after a long day or set the mood right for a romantic evening.

*** Lavender oil handmade by me using a sunflower oil based. All ingredients in this item are all natural and organic.

*****4oz. Jars are recommended for large orders due to shipping prices, but however I can adjust shipping after purchase, or add filler items to your order to make up for the price difference.

If you are interested in learning more about Mahogany Queen Products, visit

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zainab1 said...

This is awesome! and thanks for sharing and posting. I wish you all the best with your businesses.

I will be adding your store onto my page so that all can benefit. I currently have the link to your T's posted on my page.

Take care!