Mar 26, 2013

Currently Reading: Assata: An Autobiography

I'm currently reading Assata: An Autobiography. Women of the Black Panther, Civil Rights and other black advancement movements have my current interest. It started when I read A Taste of Power: Elaine Brown's Autobiography last may for a black feminism class. I've never officially referred to myself as a feminist, but reading these stories have made me look at women and feminism in a different light.

Assata starts out getting arrested in New Jersey, and after months of being pulled, slapped and treated horribly around in the judicial system. Her story reads rightfully angry as she jumps back and forth through the story's present time and her childhood. Assata's time jumps kept me interested and pulled me in as I learned about her life and foundation as a woman, along with how she kept that same foundation and morals as an adult. I believe what I enjoy the most about her story is how hopeful she was about having her child despite her current conditions and how much of a badass she was during her court trial and jail time. She stood for what she believed in no matter how many court marshalls and jail security guards tried to break her.

Her story is inspiring to me as a young black woman, although I may not have faced the same adversaries as Assata, it shows me that no matter what is thrown my way not to break my ground and have my demands met. Giving it is too easy, fight for what you want and even if you don't get it, at least you went down with a fight.

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zainab1 said...

This book sounds good. I may check this book out. I've been looking for a few good books.

Do you have any other recommendations ?

Thanks for sharing this. Take care.