Jan 25, 2013

Mahogany Queen Store Product List

Here is a preview of what's available in the Mahogany Queen Store, all available at MahoganyQueen.Bigcartel.com

Mango Shea Butter:  Mahogany Queen’s Mango Shea is the cure for dry brittle curls. With moisturizing ingredients and natural SPF it can be used in both winter and summer. Great for styling, moisturizing, reducing frizz and enhancing shine with 100% natural ingredients. Apply liberally to wet hair after a shampoo or co-wash. This cream can also be used on your skin. A little bit can really go a long way.

Discontinued Sunburst: This formula is great for winter dry hair! The Sunburst hair butter is great for winter time dryness and locking in moisture. The melt in your hands formula allows it to be applied as an oil and since it's a Shea base, it's great for skin and hair!

Mahogany Princess Hair Butter: Mahogany Princess Hair Butter was created for young girls with natural hair. As a believer in self love, it's important for me to show women and young girls how to love and care for their natural tresses naturally. This butter is great for twists, sets, puffs and overall moisture and sheen. With its fruity fragrance, your princess will immediately fall in love with it.

Twist & Loc Gel: Finally something for locs! This loc and twist gel is perfect to setting the hair and not creating buildup. Made up of water soluble ingredients, this product rinses out with each was leaving hair clean and free of product. The light oils moisturize your hair and prevent flakes.

Herbal Hair Perfume: This herbal hair perfume was specially made to add a light coconut mango fragrance to your hair while lightly moisturizing it with vitamin oil. 

Silk Turban Wraps: 100% Silk Turban Wraps available in 6 colors. Great for wearing out and about or to protect your hair at night

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