Jan 9, 2013

Locs Love: Product Usage

An old friend once told me the Golden Rule when using products in their hair: If it doesn't melt into your skin with no problems, don't use it. Ever since I heard that rule, I've gone by it myself and haven't looked back. Products that don't emulsify into the skin are a lot more likely to cause build up in your locs over time, build up can result in smells, bacteria and overall uncleanliness. As a hairstylist I come across so many different products that my clients with locs use and I'd have to say Mango and Lime products are my LEAST favorite along with any other product that contains beeswax. Although they do a great job at holding a retwist, they can cause a horrible buildup in the hair that not only locks the product in, but smells as well. I know myself the struggle of finding new products once you've already discovered something that you love, but finding an alternative doesn't have to be a difficult task, especially when there are tons of loc users who have found the light!

Awesome Alternatives to Products wtih Beeswax:
  • Natural oils (for moisture)
  • Clear Gels (for hold)
Both of these combined will not only make sure that your hair is moisturized completely, but the gel will provide a hold for you while still being able to rinse out of the hair.

If you do have buildup in your locs, an ACV rinse or clarifying shampoo is in your near future... maybe even both.

Next week I will go into detail about ACV rinses and clarifying shampoos...

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