Jan 4, 2013

Black Women With Style: Philece of That Artista

Tell me about yourself...
I am a Fine Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Nassau Bahamas, living in Atlanta. I create and give from my soul, my family and loved ones are my everything, I adore the little things and the love of my life is a little Pomeranian named Taz. I’m in love with art and art is in love with me.  

What inspires you?
 I always say inspiration is everywhere, just open your eyes and your mind. I draw inspiration from nature and the energetic island where I was born and raised. The emotions, struggles and triumphs of people I have known for years and some that I have never even met, music, other cultures, beauty and love.  
What products do you use in your hair?
 I keep it quite simple. I love the Shea Moisture line of products and use their conditioners along with organic coconut oil or shea butter and aloe vera. Not necessarily all together.

 How did you get your start with art? 
I've been an artist all of my life. I spent more than the first half of my life as a dancer, drawing and painting in my spare time. Then the roles changed, my interests peaked and I went back to school. I am self taught as a Fine Artist, but my degree in Film & Video Studies, then a second in Graphic Design, relit my passion for visual arts and I have been drawing, painting and designing ever since.  

What is your favorite form of media?
 I can't say that I have a favorite media. Depending on where I am creatively and emotionally my choice may change at any given time. I love working in various mediums and I tend to just go with the flow of my heArt.

Where do you hope your dreams will take you? 

I am so blessed to already be living my dream. It is a never ending journey of living my creative truth. Going forward my hope is to touch as many people as I can through art, to nurture the talents of young artists and to never stop evolving as an artist and woman.

  Stay positive and inspired. The journey isn’t always easy but when you love what you do it doesn’t even matter, you just keep pushing. Love & light! 

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