Jan 28, 2013

Black Women With Style: Blake Von D

About Me:
 I'm a Spelman & NYU graduate turned blogger turned law student. I'm really passionate about social justice but also very artistically inclined and creatively driven. My focus right now in life is trying to figure out how to marry all these parts of me together in the way that makes the most sense. It's been quite a journey, but I'm excited to see how it all plays out.  

What inspires me:
 I find inspiration in a variety of places. I have recently been finding that social media is a really big source of inspiration for me. I follow so many extremely talented and creative individuals on Twitter and Instagram. People who I otherwise would probably never know existed. I see how unique and passionate they are about their crafts and it pushes me to want to be better at mine.

 What inspires my style: My style is pretty much reflective of my mood or the space I'm at in my life. I'm currently in a really androgynous phase. I wear a lot of skullies and combat boots. But I still have a really girly side. I stan for a pair of sky-high heels. "The higher the heel, the closer to God" kinda thing. I also have a couple of celebs that I can always count on to serve me with the goods. Rihanna, Teyana Taylor, Amber Rose at one point. All of these women have such versatile style and I really admire.

 Favorite go to pieces: Like I said, my combat boots are probably my go-to's right now. I also have a studded sweater from ASOS that I happen to love. As well as a really bold sweater with a tiger on it that I'm very fond of.  

What are you passionate about?
 BLACK PEOPLE! I love us so much. Almost everything I do is in an effort to make us a better, stronger community. To help us realize our worth, define our own beauty, set our own standards and recognize our innate greatness.  

What products do you use in your hair? Well the most obvious product I use is bleach. I bleach my hair about every 4-6 weeks or whenever I get a haircut. Aside from that I also use products from Kinky Curly, Eden BodyWorks, Motions' Naturally You line. I love all of those lines and and I really like the way they define my curl pattern and keep my hair moisturized, which is really important since I bleach my hair. 

 Advice: I would say look for classic pieces. Trendy pieces are great to have and can always be put to good use. But it's important to invest in those pieces that will stand the test of time. Well-structured blazers and jackets, great boots, etc.


Jojo said...

YES! She has great style and a unique look. This post was definitely inspirational to me. I followed her on Instagram and hope to see her dreams & passions evolve!

Thanks for sharing!

Chymere Anais said...

Blake Von D is absolutely beautiful! I love when black women are able to express themselves through many outlets; it makes my whole universe light up to connect with others who are art-driven.

-Chymere Anais