Dec 25, 2012

The Love Movement

Do you love yourself? When I say 'love' I don't mean obsess or cater to, but do you love yourself and wish to be happy at all times? Self love is one of those things that is not as hard as it may seem, but at times it's not as easy either.

One easy way to get started on your way to Self Love or strengthen your connection within you is to date yourself. Dating yourself allows you to spend time and figure yourself out. How much time do you spend by yourself? How well do you know yourself? Do you self-validate, or do you look for it elsewhere? How well are you at forgiving yourself and living in the moment? Can you in live in the moment at all? The answer to these questions are important when you are looking for love within yourself.

Taking yourself out on dates to the bookstore, dinner, or just spending quiet time alone at home is a great way to get to know yourself better, and learn to enjoy being alone in happy settings. Do whatever makes you happy.

Once you have mastered self love you will find it easier to love those around you, whether it be family, spouse or friends. Forgiving yourself and others is also very important in self love, don't beat yourself up over past mistakes or allow yourself to hold grudges either. Be thankful for everything that you have, and learn to admire yourself even on down days.

Self love is an ever going thing, you don't just acquire it and leave it at that. You have to cultivate it and watch it grow or you could lose it and end up right back where you started. Remember to love yourself thoroughly and the right way, you will attract the right people into your life.

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Her.Abstract said...

:) I love how you said, "date yourself".