Nov 22, 2012

Loving Your Curls

I get a lot of questions about hair on a daily basis, what do you use, how do you do this or that.. all sorts of things. One question that I hear too often is the "Help me change my texture"... I can't change your texture. No one can. If you don't like your texture, blame your creator. Or better yet, just get over it because it's not going anywhere.. it is a permanent part of you. This is where self love comes into play, yes we see different hair types that may be able to do things that ours cannot but that doesn't mean you have to hate your coils. Learn to appreciate the beauty of others and yourself. You and your hair are both unique. There is not another you out there, accept that and love that. Learn to work with your hair type/texture and do what works for you, a little self love goes a long way and ain't ever hurt nobody :)

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