Nov 23, 2012

Black Women With Style:Stephanie Lee

Tell me about yourself:
 My name is Stephanie, I am a Makeup artist by profession, a YouTube beauty blogger and I own a beauty blog by the name of Beauty by Lee. I love all things beauty and girly but I don't mind getting dirty, I'm a mom to a little boy who owns me He-he! and I love sports and lots of food!

What inspires you?
 I literally get inspired by everything and anything, flowers, colors, my sons toys, paintings, clothing and emotions…see pretty much anything!

What made you decide to go natural/BC?
 Growing up with a white mom with wavy hair wasn't easy because my hair texture was an unknown land to her (she tried her best) so of course my hair got texturized fast forward to my high school graduation time I went to a salon (not upscale or even good) my mom asked is it possible to give her highlights without bleaching the lady said, "oh yes" my mom stepped out and the lady bleached my hair when I washed my hair all the highlights fell out of my long texturized hair leaving the rest mushy and weak (there was my first chop) It never grew healthy or pretty again….I kept it short for six years damaging it with color and cutting it off, it was a vicious cycle. I decided my official last cut would be last july 2011 and started my healthy hair journey…16 months later I'm feel so happy to have this texture, my hair!

Did anyone discourage your decision?
 No everyone has been supportive!

How did you get your start in makeup?
 I always wanted to be a makeup artist and just didn't know how to go about doing it, I walked into a cosmetology school and asked about the makeup program the advisor told me which program to sign up for and long story short it was the wrong program…I decided to finish it anyway and became a cosmetologist. I worked in a salon in Park Slope Brooklyn and had an amazing boss who allowed me to do makeup one day even though I was her assistant for hair, let's just say the rest was history I never looked back.

Top 5 favorite things in your makeup bag:
The top five items I hope to always have in my makeup bag would be my Laura Mercier blush in Peach Whisper, Too Faced BB Cream in Beach Glow, Lady danger or Ruby woo lipstick both by MAC Cosmetics, Armani Eyes to kill mascara, Maybelline master precise liner.

Where do you hope your dreams will take you?
I hope to one day work on a Vogue shoot, a W magazine shoot and to be Key Makeup artist for fashion week.

I always keep in mind that When I feel like quitting there are people who are actually hoping I do and that's why I can never quit!

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DvineLadyV said...

Great Layout :)
I really enjoyed the articles on Ms Lee and her natural hair journey. I wish you continued success with your endeavors!!

Vanessa S.