Nov 16, 2012

Black Women With Style: Melissa Renee'

- Tell me about yourself 
My name is Melissa Renee. I'm 22 and I live in Miami Fl, and grew up in Orlando (lol i know, who would have guessed). I'm currently in the process of relocating to the big apple to study fashion merchandising at F.I.T. I have big dreams of making an impact in fashion industry. I'm a sunny Sagittarius, i know that seems so unimportant but I'm a part time astrology fanatic, and the queen of fantasy. 

- What inspires you 
I find daily inspiration in just about every nook and cranny of life. I love people watching. Observing people fueled my interest in fashion. I love how i can sneak a peak at a part of who someone is with a simple glance of their style of dress. Individual creativity is very inspiring and beautiful. 

- Why did you cut your hair and why 
aaaahhhh. I actually decided to cut my hair due to a hideous dye job which completely fried and dried my hair up like used Brillo pad. A close friend suggested that i just go for the big chop. I'm pretty impulsive, so one week later i woke up and said "Today is the day". At first i cut it to grow it out again. It then turned into a more personal spiritual journey. It led me to a new found me. I love it!!

- did anyone discourage your decision 
There was a little resistance from family and a few friends. I think they were just mainly unsure of how it would look. Whether people realize it or not, most tend to have a pretty stone age perception of "beauty". Long straight hair is more feminine and pretty to a large part of society. Being that I'm an avid rule breaker and devoted individualist, a part of me did it to spite that view of beauty. Afterwards, everyone loved it. 

- How did you get started in the fashion industry? what is your favorite part? 
Since a little girl i was always very interested in fashion. I always had my own style and eye. After high school i was lost for a little while and unsure of what path to take. I then got a job at a boutique called "Rebel". I started off making calls, then sales, and now doing both sales and buying. I knew then that i belong in this industry. My favorite part is buying. Seeing all of the new trends, deciding what will be available in a store, and shopping with someone else's money gives me a rush! lol 

- Where do you hope your dreams take you 
I honestly hope my dreams will take me around the world. I want to travel, see other views on fashion, and how different cultures live. As i mentioned, i plan to be involved in many aspects of the industry. I hope to spread my ideas of individualism and inspire women to be themselves. Women have to break free of these stone age confinements and let their individual beauty radiate! 

As cliche as this may come across, I truly believe everyone should believe in themselves and push for what they believe. If you stay true to who you are, your purpose will reveal itself and your "dreams" will begin to come into reality. Before you know it, even in the smallest ways... You have exactly what you've been wishing for! 

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She is a very beautiful girl!