Oct 22, 2012

Hair Talk: Winter Time Dryness

Whenever I talk to women about the condition of their hair, one focus has always been dryness. Not just any type of dryness, but winter dryness. I get all kinds of questions on how to stop it, fix it and prevent it. Well first let me say this: Sometimes you can't use the same products in your hair year round, it sucks, but get over it. You need heavier oils, and butters for the Winter time to combat the dry cold air and you need to know when to add these oils to your hair in order to get the most out of them. I say this all the time, but most oils cannot be absorbed into the hair shaft, so they have to be used as a sealant to seal in the moisture already present. What exactly are these oils sealing? Water. You hair loves water, thrives in water and probably does what you need it to do after a little water. After your hair has been co-washed/shampooed or even spritzed with your hair water formula, add your oils and butters to lock in the moisture and even add a little shine to your curls. Finding the right oils for your hair can be a bit tricky, so I provided a list of heavy oils and their benefits.

Good Winter Oils:
Olive Oil- Shine, manageability, softness, less dandruff, seals ends
Safflower oil- increases hair growth, great for color/chemical treated hair
Caster Oil (Jamaican Black or Regular)- Easily absorbed by the hair, thickens hair, tame frizz and heal scalp
Avocado Oil- improves hair shine, strength and heavy in vitamins A,B,E,D

Coconut is a personal favorite, but since it melts at body temperature, it's prone to hardening once you get outside. So unless you want hair/frozen-like hair, I suggest you add it to a mixture or leave it alone until spring.

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