Oct 24, 2012

Black Women With Style: Marlee D

What inspires you?

Im Inspired By A Lot Of Things. Im Inspired By Family & Loved Ones, I'm Inspired By My Favorite Musicians, My Favorite Athletes, My Favorite Innovators/Business People & Thats Just To Name A Few. Theres Inspiration Everywhere & In Everyone Depending On What You Take From It. But Most Of All Im Inspired By My Band. They Make Me Feel Like I Need To Catch Up With Them. They Push Me & Open Me Up To New Things. If Im Running At 9AM They Probably Were Up At 5AM Running Backwards

> Your music has a very unique sound, did it take practice or did it flow together?

It Just Flows Together. I'm Not Super Serious & Traditional When It Comes To My Music. I'm Trying New Things & New Styles, Still Trying To Find Out About Myself As An Artist. Its An Awesome Process

> How do you feel about how the women in the industry, and what would you like to change?

I Dont Have Much To Say About The Women In The Industry. They All Vary So Much That Saying I Feel Some Type Of Way Would Be Generalizing. I See Them All Individually As Artists As Well As Business People, So I Understand Why Their Approaches May Be Different

To hear more from Marlee in the Mixx, check out their YouTube Page 

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