Sep 7, 2012

Long Hair Woes

Almost 3 years post BC and I can honestly say... I'm over my hair! I've probably had more colors in my hair than a 64 pack of Crayola Crayons and it is STRUGGLING. But what can I say? I love color and all the different looks it can provide, but who would have known it could be so drying? Not to mention frizz inducing. I'd love to say I've sworn it off, but that'd be a lie. I just need to make more healthy hair choices when coloring, which is something I already knew and still did the opposite. With fall approching, I am looking for a new look. You can only do so much with frizzy, processed hair so what could be next? As much as I'd love to have the cut pictured above, that would be a HUGE step for me. I'm not sure what style I plan on getting within the next few weeks, but either way change is good and always welcomed.

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Alexis said...

Have you tried henna or indigo yet to dye your hair? Natural AND moisturizing!