Aug 6, 2012

On The Move

I've been meaning to blog forEVER. In between preparing for a move and revamping my businesses I've found very little time to blog, or even a subject to blog about. So here I am taking recommendations. I'm sure there are tons of subjects that haven't been touched or could use a little bit more elaboration... Or maybe even a simple question you have. I'm opening up the forum to you natural haired beauties on what to blog while I'm in transition.

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Robbi said...

Hi Ashley,

I've had a patch in my hair that has been thinning over the last 2 years and not it's only about 2cm long. How do I regrow this patch of hair?! I've tried everything from JBCO to Monistat. And I don't manipulate this pt of my hair at all anymore.

What do it DO?