Jul 31, 2012

Short Summer Styles for 2012

With spring in the air, having a heavy head of hair can seriously weigh you down. If the early signs of 2012 are any indication, spring and summer this year are going to be hot, so it might be a good idea to start thinking about what kind of hairstyle you want to have when the temperatures start topping out.

With many stylish short cuts to choose from, you can make a choice now that will keep you cool and comfortable for the next five or six months depending on where you live. The best thing about the following short spring styles is that they are easy to maintain and you can spend more time enjoying the good weather instead of fixing your hair. Here are a few short haircuts that will be popular this year.

Never going out of style, this simple and natural even cut may be your best bet for the warmer weather. Although it can work with any shape face, a woman with sharp chin and facial angles will get the most benefit from the natural cut as it will highlight high cheekbones and attractive eyes. Any salon worth its salt should be able to give you a perfectly even trim, with a little bit of fade on the sides and at the back of the neck. The only maintenance you'll need to do is visit your hairdresser about once a month just to make sure everything stays even. In terms of comfortability, this style will be the breeziest, allowing you to get the fullest enjoyment possible from the bright and hot days of spring and summer.

If what you want is a stylish modern cut that brings out a new dimension to your look, a short pixie cut may be the answer. Made famous by celebrities like Halle Berry, a nice pixie cut can bring together a lot of different textures to give you a more complex appearance than a simple natural trim. While it will require slightly more maintenance and daily work, the pixie cut more than pays for itself with the attention you'll get on the street. The hottest pixie style for 2012 is clearly the unkempt or bedhead look, with the hair going in different directions and lots of angular snips. You can complement a pixie cut by bringing a little bit of hair down in front of the ears or teasing the back to add some more volume.
The pixie style isn't for everyone and you might find that your tastes are more towards classic cuts. In that case, an extremely short bob may be the best way to keep a standard still while still accounting for the season. In this example, the hair is brushed forward and slightly swept to the side. The cut itself will be mostly even, but if you want a little more bounce, you can ask your hairdresser to keep it a bit longer in the back. The beauty of this style is that it immediately focuses attention on your eyes and mouth, so it will work well for women who have a more square or round-shaped face..

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