Jan 6, 2012

New Buy: American Apparel Lip Gloss in American Violet.

I was actually pretty excited when I saw the American Apparel Lip Gloss via Addicted To All Things Pretty, and promised to get it as soon as I could.... well a week later I'm here to tell you that I am in love with it. The gloss had somewhat of a build-able feel to it, and to my surprise it wasn't sticky at all. It gave me just enough color for you to see what I was going for, without over-powering the feel I wanted my overall makeup to give.

A closeup of the gloss.

Overall look.

At $12, it's really not too bad, I'm not very partial about all of the colors, but I am interested to see what they look like on, and especially how they harmonize with my skin. 

To see entire collection CLICK HERE

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that looks so pretty,think i will pick one up!