Dec 29, 2011

Hair Growth

As most of you know I've been trying to grow my hair out while trimming it regularly (every 6 weeks) and while that has been going great I came across another issue that I haven't come across in a long time: My hair sheds like a cat once it reaches a certain length. This isn't too much of a big issue for me though, I'm happy with my hair at this EXACT length It's long enough to style and short enough not to get in my way, I'm in love. What does bother me is that it took so long to figure out why my hair was shedding so badly! Conditioning treatment after treatment, diet change, and vitamin increase just to find out that's what my hair naturally does. Does anyone else have this problem??

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D.R. said...

yes my hair sheds a lot but only in the winter I thought my hair was breaking off and I cut down on manipulation and made sure it was moisturized but then I realized it really was shedding and not breaking I was so scared though, but then it eased up once it got hair is strange