Nov 25, 2011

Aubrey Organics Conditioner

Lately I've been looking for a conditioner to use on a regular basis, target and Wal-Mart really weren't doing anything for me in that area. My hair seemed dry and brittle, not a good feeling when you color your hair as much as I do. So as a last resort, I ended up buying the conditioner a friend of mine recommended, Aubrey Organics. I didn't really have any expectations for this, could it really be as great as everyone claimed it to be? Or was it all just hype? Check out my review below for details.

Smell: I wasn't crazy about the smell, it wasn't fruity, tangy or heavily fragranced like I'm used to, it smelled natural...I normally like my hair to smell fragranced, but I can live with this, or at least add an oil to it.

Slip: it didn't provide much slip but I paired it with my redken intense renewal treatment and got enough slip to get the job done.

Moisture: it was thick, not watery like the conditioner I'm used to, and I liked it. My hair instantly felt better once I worked it through my curls.

Final verdict: would I buy it again: yes. It cost me about $9, which is cheaper than a lot often conditioners I've been buying st target. It worked great for my hair and after using it I felt a huge difference, and my hair was so soft.

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