Oct 11, 2011

Weekly Scalp Update

This has to be way long overdue, but here we are again. Since I've switched shampoos and increased the moisture in my hair, my flakes have been minimized to zero and the scratching has gone away too. I know that this is "supposed" to happen when you switch from a sulfate shampoo to a non, but I've always been the nonbeliever when it came to things like that. I stopped using my Pooka Pure Nectar Oil Treatment, only because I started slacking once I noticed my scalp was getting healthier. I'm still using the same products, however I have changed my regimen a bit. I've been wearing my hair pinned up as seen here, and I would leave it like that without co-washing for a week. Now that I've started co-washing more times a week and adding more moisture to my regimen I've started seeing less shedding. This plus an added biotin supplement and regular trimming has kept me very happy with my hair. It can be a little hard to keep up with, but I blame myself for wanting to go blonde.

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