Oct 29, 2011

My Hair and it's Health

This was my hair straightened this weekend, I normally get it straightened then trimmed because I haven't found a natural hair stylist yet... 2 years in can you believe that? I'm slightly surprised it's grown out this much, I've cut it off so much because of my ends not looking right, even cut it into a short bob that I only wore once. Lately I have been rimming m hair every 6 weeks on the dot because I have a LOT of color going on in there and I want my ends and overall hair in the best condition. Along with trimming, I deep condition with EVERY shampoo.  I'm very happy with my hair, and my regimen for it. It fits my lifestyle and I don't spend hours upon hours doing my hair everyday, because like I said before... it's never that serious.


D.R. said...

your hair is so long!

MrsWardy88 said...

I have that problem too babe. I dont like the look of my ends. But I just accepted that this is my hair texture, my eyes arent going to be slick and neat looking. I still need to make sure i get them trimed though. Look good hone!