Sep 5, 2011

Weekly Scalp Update

I have finally found a that is organic, sulfate/paraben free and it doesn't strip or make my hair dry. And it was only $4! To say I'm happy is an understatement. I've been on a mission for healthy hydrated scalp between the scalp oil from pooka pure, a redken  extreme deep conditioner and the shampoo switch I've seen a significant difference. Less itchiness and less flakes.  I've reduced the amount of times I co-wash a week a long with more oil/cream applications and I've even increased my water intake. As you can see I'm serious about this. I have invested a lot into my hair and I don't think I am seeing any results as far as overall health. My hair has been shedding more than I'd like and my goal is to nip this directly in the bud. I'm hoping this revamped regimen will give my hair whateverithas been missing, I'm even looking into hair vitamin supplements.


MrsWardy88 said...

where did you buy it?

Ashley Patrice said...

I bought it at the military commissary