Sep 23, 2011

Still Protective Styling

Almost 2 months later and I am still protective styling! I've moved on from more elaborate styles into an everyday french twist/puff combo. I've worn my hair like this occasionally, but wearing it like this everyday kind of makes me feel like and edgier Janelle Monae. Keeping this style up has become a lot more simple for me, I'm not even missing wearing my fro-hawk.

How I make My Style Last:

  • Shampoo/condition (I deep condition after every wash because of my color)
  • Twist using a moisturizer (I use Optimum Therapy 3-n-1 Cream moisturizer, Shea Moisture Curl defining Souffle, a small amount of Coconut oil for shine, and a smidge of gel for hold, this normally lasts me a while in my hair)
  • Let twists set and dry completely
  • Take down twist and pin up according to preference (I usually use a little gel here too for control and hold)
  • Refresh when needed with water and coconut oil
I will put a video up for this later, for more styling detail :)


Destinee said...

Very cute and your lip color is fab!


super cute!