Sep 23, 2011

Failed DIY: Bleached, Studded and Destroyed Denim

The other day I started what WOULD have been a 3 part DIY project. I wanted to bleach, cut and stud a pair of jeans to look like this:

Cute simple and doable right? Wrong. What I cam up with looked more like this:

Which wouldn't have been too bad if it weren't for these:

Apparently bleach is stronger than I thought. I come from a "Green" family and I never used to bleach to wash my clothes, let alone for discoloring jeans. I had no idea it chewed holes through fabric, especially not 100% denim. After I finished, I realized what I did wrong, using a water/bleach solution would have prevented this problem. I'm not worried about the lost of the jeans, they will make cute shorts next summer. The bleached so gorgeously (minus the holes) that I couldn't just throw them away. I am still on the quest for bleached, studded and destroyed DIY jeans, after a trip to the thrift store i will be right back in the lab.

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