Sep 23, 2011

Black Women With Style: Jasmine

I have been natural for about 7 yrs. First decided to stop getting perms my freshman
year of high school. Now if you know about high school you know that people are cruel
and unusual and hate anything but the norm. I went from long, thick permed hair
to short twist/coils.Once my hair grew out I was rocking fros, twistouts and many other
natural styles. I was made fun of immediately, but I loved my hair. By my senior
year, everybody and their mama had natural hair (guess I set the trend)
So my freshman year I started locking my hair, yet another obstacle. They were short little wormies
scattered and it took alot of patience and effort. My hair grew super fast within the year. I then
brushed my locks out after a year. I cut my fro off and now I'm back to locks.
I love my journey because it's about reinvention and being comfortable with my hair.
I have routines that I live by and would love to share with the world. I hate product junkies,because
there are sooooooo many gimmicks out there.

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