Aug 25, 2011

Mac Hi Def x NYX Real Nude

I've been looking for a nude to go with my skin for the longest. I'm sure some of you can agree that when the word "Nude" comes up in fashion AND makeup, it never matches our brown. In fact, a lot of  nudes out there look down right ashy on me. Needless to say I've attempted nudes in all sorts of shades until I finally came up with one that I like, and ended up finding a matching gloss for it! Mac's Hi Def (amplified) is a perfect nude/blush tone for my skin without giving me the ash look. I was pretty happy with this, a month or two down the line, I fell in love with NYX's Real Nude which is almost the same pinkish nude blush tone. They go amazing together and even by themselves and I think I paid about $12 dollars for both of them! (The Mac lipstick was found at a discount cosmetic store) My favorite thing about them? You can build the color to match the boldness that you want. For lipsticks that's a norm, but for glosses that is a feature compared to what I'm used to.

Above: Mac Hi Def
Bottom: NYX Real Nude

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MrsWardy88 said...

I want to wear lipstick... but I honestly dont know where to start. Like.... I dont want to get a color that looks atrocious on me. :(