Aug 22, 2011

Hair Update

As most of you know, I'm still on the search for a shampoo. I recently had a run-in with a bottle of Aussie Moist shampoo that set be back quite a few steps. I've used the conditioner for co-washes and post shampoo purposes, so I decided why not try the shampoo and walked in the store, grabbed it and didn't think twice. First mistake. I usually read the back of ANYTHING like it's a magazine and it never crossed my mind when purchasing this. After using it for about a month, I got my hair straightened for a trim and was greeted with a nasty surprise...Dry, flaky scalp and even worse ends. My hair was a MESS. I thought I was doing everything needed. I set up a regimen, moisturized like my life depended on it...I took care of my hair! Immediately I started  looking for the culprit and found out that it was the shampoo bottle....full of sulfates....drying my hair that I've worked so on. I was heated, I know about sulfates, almost 100% sure that I've blogged about them and recommend everyone I know to stay away from them... How could I possibly slip up? Needless to say, that shampoo is no longer even in my bathroom cabinet and has been replaced with a nice sulfate-paraben free shampoo that will be up for review soon. When you know better, you do better.



Wow so sorry that happened to you :(

You now know better and I'm sure we are all looking forward to future updates.

Thanks for sharing with us so that we may learn from it!

We appreciate it!

мιss мoss said...

I use Kercare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo and LUSH's Cynthia Stout Shampoo. Both natural.

CurlyChellez said...

Try Giovanni shampoo


love ur hair!