Aug 14, 2011

Black Women With Style: Nneka

  • Why did you go natural?
                I went natural while i was in 9th or 10th grade, i didn't know why i did it then, i just decided i didn't want relaxer in my hair anymore, so i wore braids through out high school and some college. But i've learned so much while i've gone natural and i have no regrets, except not going natural sooner. lol

  • What products do you use
                 The products i use are raw shea butter, "yes to carrots" conditioner, giovanni leave-in conditioner, and renpure shampoo or sometimes i use black soap to wash my hair. 

  • How does natural hair fit in with your personal style
                 Although sometimes my hair likes to do its own thing, i do find ways to incorporate it with my personal style. After i fuss and fight with it, we're both happy in the end. Lol

  • What are your staple items in your closet
                 my closet has been a bit "blah" lately, but i'm often seen in minnetonka loafers and skinny jeans, i've been on the "laid back" end lately.

  • What is your definition of personal style.
                  Personal style to me is being yourself in any and everything you do, and having people quickly notice who you are without having to say much about yourself.

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