Aug 26, 2011

Black Women With Style: India

Q: What made you decide to create a DIY blog?
A: Well…. I’ll try to shorten the story. I never could find tutorials on Afrocentric styles. And I mean jewelry, to clothing styles. This was a major let down because there are loads of DIY projects out there but they just didn’t fit into my wardrobe.  I know I couldn’t be the only person out there with this problem. So I decided to start a site specifically for urban inspired style. Projects that won’t hurt your pockets.
Q: What is your favorite project?
A: If I had a favorite it would be the color block bracelets. I love big chunky accessories. They have bold coloring and they were about 50 cents apiece to make.
Q: Do you have any universal tools that almost every project needs?
A: It really varies. Scissors, a hot glue gun, and scarps of material around the house.
Q: What is your personal style?
A: Afro-Indy chic.  Afrocentric and Indie fashions, with a bohemian flare. Pretty words for thrift finds. 
Q: Since you're into DIY, are you also a mixtress?
A: Yes, yes yes… and yes again. I’ve calm down a lot though. When I finally BC I was a product junkie, then I learned the hard way that everything doesn’t work for everyone. So I hit up my BFF (google) and searched for some homemade recipes. My staple product is shea butter.
Q: How do you incorporate your hair with your style?
A: I rock my roots. And I mean that in every sense of the word. My hair is natural, and I love letting the world know I’m black and I’m beautiful.
Q: Any style/hair/beauty must haves?
A: Hmmmm I must have Shear Moisture products, chap stick, and some type of earrings.
Q: Quote you live by: I have two actually.
“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime"
This is what my blog is based off of.
“Never let anyone give you any wooden nickels.”
A quote my grandmother told me when I started looking a boys. It means do not let anyone give you something worthless.

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MrsWardy88 said...

Hey! Thats me! #goofball

Gabby said...

Dopeness! Checking her out ASAP, I love DIY and I adore my beautiful blackness!