Jul 8, 2011

Shopping in my mother's closet

I think we've all done it, looked at our mother's clothes and shook our heads wondering why she would ever wear that. I know that I have, far too many times. Once I started getting older, things changed drastically. I started noticing all the designers she had, the classic bags and shoes, and staple closet items. Needless to say, i snagged a few things here and there (I've moved out and still "frequent" her closet). Her classic items, which are either older or as old as me, accent my modern wardrobe so flawlessly it's amazing. I'm very simple when it comes to clothes, but I always need something to make the outfit. Either a turban, amazing pair of shoes, or a gorgeous bag, it has to stand out. You can only imagine my face when I found this Hermes scarf in her possession  Wondering how many times I've overlooked and scoffed at it. My mother's closet will always be better than any Vintage or Thrift Store you will ever find. Point. Blank. Period.

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Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Yes...I wish I knew a lot more elderly people because of my growing love for vintage and thrifting!