Jul 7, 2011

Fast Fashion: How Long Can You Wear It?

I'm a shopper, my mother is a shopper. I grew up in malls, outlets, boutiques, bargain basements, all of it. I can bob and weave in and out of aisles like nobodies business and honestly, I'll buy something just because it's at an amazing price. I wouldn't be sharing this if I wasn't leading up to an important point, I'm sure we all can do some damage in a store, but how long can we wear the pieces that we buy? Some items are so dated that they won;t even be able to be worn after one season, if that's the case, why buy it? Why invest money in pieces that aren't going to last long? Fast Fashion can only get you so far, for so long, before you have a closet full of clothes that you're holding on to, hoping that it'll "come back in style" (you KNOW what I'm talking about too). All the money you've spent on knock offs that are now shredded up, you could have bought a nice lasting leather bag, Canal St, isn't THAT cheap. One technique I like to use to avoid this problem is the 30 Day Rule: If I'm still thinking about the item in 30 days, then I should go ahead and buy it. Also, take into consideration of the overall quality of the item, some stores make clothes that are only good for one night, don't try to build your entire wardrobe in these stores. Knowing which pieces to invest in can save you time AND money. Making room for these changes are also necessary, if you haven't worn it in a year, throw it out. You life will always need room for a good change.

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Makeup by Sherry Blossom said...

Awesome I started realizing this about 1 yr ago! It has definitely helped and I can see the difference in my wardrobe and how I feel about my pieces.