Jun 4, 2011

Trigger Warning: Rape Culture.

As many of you may or may not know, Rihanna's 'Man Down' video has been catching a LOT of shit lately. Frankly, I'm tired of it. Everyone is so focused on her killing a man in premeditated murder that they ignore the fact that she was just raped by him. Not saying that is an acceptable form of retaliation, but in the LEAST it should be understandable. People are protesting her video and taking the side of her "rapist" instead of the side of the woman. In what world do we live in that we come to the side of the rapist instead of the raped?? I think the underlying problem is that they are saying she sort of deserved it for being a seductive woman at a party, WHEN DID THAT BECOME AN INVITATION? Why do women get blamed for being raped instead of the men that rape them? Anti-Violence groups are trying their hardest to get the video pulled from everywhere, but what are they really doing? Hiding the fact that women get raped, violated and even have the right to be mad or upset... idk maybe a LITTLE?

When is society going to stop putting out the "You don't own your body, so don't defend it" message and start saying something REAL?

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Tia said...

I'm wondering why Rihanna's vid is catching more criticism than Marsha Ambrosius' vid. It's depicted hate and suicide. I don't think one vid is worst than the other but...why Rihanna's?

Ify said...

I completely agree with you.

One other issue I wanted to raise however was the fact that she (Rihanna..or lets me honest the director) of the video had to film such a video in Jamaica, and also had to use a dark skinned black men to depict such violence. As if black men don’t already catch slack for preconceived notions of angry/rape/violence? Give me a break! All this video is doing (other than raising the important issue of rape, which is an everyday experience for women) is perpetuating these notions of the 'dangerous' black men to the northern American audience. White men rape, Asian men rape, all men rape! I hate that Rihanna (her director) didn’t deconstruct these concepts before doing this video.
I appreciate the video for bringing up the issue of rape, but lets not forget about what it does to the ignorant psyche.