Jun 7, 2011

Solange for RImmel

Solange has been a part if Rimmel's new campaign ad for some time, which is great, I'm glad she's making that paper BUT, let's please be real: Rimmel's darkest shade, is Snookie Brown, which isn't really that dark at all. Solange is clearly meant to target the African American audience that their brand cannot and does not do in it's self.. So here lies the question: Would you buy make up (lipsticks, liners and mascaras) from a brand who doesn't offer your shade in a foundation/concealer? My answer is no, a thousand times no. If you cannot attempt to make an ashy chocolate brown, I will not attempt to buy your product. It clearly wasn't for me. Would you wear a makeup brand, that doesn't bother to cater to your needs, or even include your shade in their foundation selection??


Sassy said...

i felt this way wen i go into most walmarts & targets. im lookin for my 1st beginner foundation && i dont wanna go to MAC just yet. but everytime i go to the store to find my shade they all stop at caramel....like........why? i wanna wear foundation too! sheesh

Anonymous said...

Not everyone requires or is willing to wear foundation or powder, some just want to play around and discount brands like Rimmel can be great for that. I personally don't like the quality of covergirl or revlon for powder and foundation, but will by a lipstick, nailpolish, etc in a second from anyone who has one I like. I appreciate the jest of your argument believe me, but I'm not going to limit my life based on someone else's inability to get with it.