Jun 23, 2011

Black Music Month: Where Music Meets Activism

Monica Carillo is an Afro-Peruvian Hip-Hop activist, writer, poet, singer, musician,  feminist and educator, working to empower her community. Carrillo creates music that mixes poetry, afro-beat, soul, hip-hop and Afro Peruvian music to illuminate the contributions made by those of African descent living in Peru, to bring attention to the ongoing effects of racism and sexism and as a form of self expression. Her music has been featured throughout the globe, most notably on MTV Europe. Concerned about the effect of racial and sexist discrimination on other young Afro-Peruvian women, Carrillo founded LUNDU, the Center for Afro Peruvian Studies and Advancement, an anti-sexism, anti-racism, anti-homophobia organization focused on empowering a new generation of Afro-Peruvian leaders. It is currently the only group working on issues of gender, sexuality and human rights in Afro-descendent communities in Peru. 

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