May 6, 2011

Up And Coming Blog: MSU LookBook

  I recently had the eye opening experience of talking with Tolu Ilupeju and Malaika Aminata, creators of MSU Lookbook. As some of you may know, MSU Lookbook has caused a big buzz recently in the black, street fashion atmosphere and the buzz is only getting bigger.

The two ladies started the site with as the main inspiration.The lack of diversity encouraged them to create a site showcasing black fashion. They were already documenting their surroundings and inspirations; MSU Lookbook became the canvas to put them on.The site is dedicated solely towards the visually expressive students of Morgan State University; but have no fear, fashion is just an entry-way. The site plans on showing all kinds of art(istic?) students from different walks of life. Most of the natives tend to look at Morgan State as a 'down in the dumps' place, but the creators put a positive spin on the school by calling it " A breeding ground for improvement". In a way that is exactly what Morgan State is. I believe that college can have as big of an impact on you as high school, so why not look at it as a way to reinvent and improve yourself?

These ladies are very focused on moving MSU LB forward and they appreciate all of the support that is causing the site to grow so fast. 

What does it take to be featured on MSU LB? 

Everyone's definition of what is stylish and what is not varies, but all you need to be featured on the site is raw style. In short, come real. Don't try to be the person that you want people to perceive you as, be the person that you actually are.

"You can tell when people are influenced by the world's standards of fashion or if they are influenced by the knowledge of themselves."

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