Apr 27, 2011

MQ No More.

Due to a domain name issue, there has been an URL change. Mahogany-Queen.com is no longer owned by me, and has been bought out. Have no fear, I am far from being done with blogging, and in a way I'm happy. Mahogany Queen was something I started just to see if I could do it, and now that I know that I can, I want to venture out and do more things. I will also no longer be making hair care products. I simply wasn't passionate about it anymore, and I'd like to venture out to do other things. I have a lot more in store for you ladies for the summer and I promise not to disappoint.  With that being said, the new site URL is http://www.urbane-natural.com/

It describes me perfectly, and it also describes what I want my blog to be about, stylish women who are owning  their natural hair. 
Think of it has a turning point, personal growth and of course a different way to express myself.

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