Apr 24, 2011

Black Women With Style: Latoya Izzard Creator of Stylegasm

1. How did you get started?
The line started as extension of my blog at the time "Stylegasm."
Initially I was going to get tees made to promote the blog, but
through organic transformation I decided to come out with a whole
collection of tees. I was at a point in my life that I was tired of
explaining every single change I was making i.e. (doing a big chop,
becoming a vegan, practicing being spiritual as oppose to being
religious, etc.) I didn't mind people being curious, but I was not
for the judgment. The tees were really my way of saying "THIS IS ME,SO LIVE WITH IT." haha

-Have you always been interested in designing?
Yup! I graduated from the Art Institute with a degree in Fashion
Marketing so I had a broad knowledge of marketing and graphics. When
I started the collection it took me back to when I was a kid and I use
to make my own fashion magazines with Fashion Plates.
2. What motivates/ inspires you?
Any and everything that represents positivity. I love seeing people
and things evolve into positive energy. Even if a change is something
I wouldn't do, if it's making someone else life better I am all for

3. What are your favorite pieces?
My favorite is the 100% Natural, Nympho and Spiritual tee. I
definitely needed the Natural tee after my hair was growing out. The
big chop was fine, the growing back phase was a little tough. The tee
reminds me of all the other things that are great about me, in
addition to my hair. As far as the Nympho tee, for a long time I
thought something was wrong with liking sex (as much as a guy.) Irealized that as long as I am doing it responsibly I never have to
apologetic for liking it. I love the quote on it which says "Stay
ready, so you never have to get ready" and the condoms have our logo
on it! The spiritual tee promotes spirituality in all forms. I
believe there are many roads to enlightenment, the one you take is up
to you. It's your choice. This collection really helps me feel good
about myself, and I hope it will do the same for others.

4. Do you have a team or is it a one woman show?
In the initial phase it's just me, but I also have a graphic designer,
screen printer, and amazing friends who help with giving opinions,
encouragement and sending out shipments.

5. Your clothing always makes a statement, what inspires the phrases
and what are the meanings behind them?

Our motto is Freedom.Of.Self. The complete line was inspired by my
personal life and growth as an individual. I am a natural hair
loving, spiritual being, safe sex having, independent, stylish kind of
girl! That's what the whole collection is about. It took me a long
time to be comfortable in the skin I'm in and now I want others to
feel the same way.

6. Where do you plan on taking your business in the future?
This is our first release in Summer Phase I you can expect more
tees/tanks geared towards a natural healthy lifestyle (of course with
witty slogans.) The more I grow as an individual so will the line.
The rest you'll just have to wait and see!

A quote to live by.
Ask...Believe...Receive. I learned this by watching "The Secret." It
simply means ask the universe for what you want, have faith, and wait
for it to happen. I have a tattoo of this, just as a constant

You can see more of Stylegasm and purchase items at:

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