Mar 6, 2011

Hair Worries: My Edges Are Breaking Off

My hair is starting to break off around the edges due to my puffs being pulled too tight. I first noticed it a few months ago and then after a little time spent worrying I brushed it off. Fast-forward to now and I'm still facing the same problem. So in order to stop the problem from getting worse, I'm boycotting gels and puffs. This may or may not sound like a big deal to you but it cuts my style options in half. I'm always in a rush and puffs are an automatic sleek go to. I like it smooth and pulled tight and high, which is my problem. A protective style is definitely in the near future along with a low manipulation challenge. In my opinion, it's just hair, BUT healthy hair is a short and long term goal. Having long hair means nothing if it's breaking off everywhere and looks weak and damaged.

My Low Manipulation Challenge Consists of:
  • No Blow drying
  • No excessive slicking back
  • No shoe-string puffs
  • Deep Conditioning once a week
  • Oil scalp massages
  • More Moisture
  • Conditioner Only detangling.

I'm hoping that by June I will be able to see some results, or at least prevent it from getting worse, wish me luck!

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