Mar 27, 2011

Black Women With Style: Fatima of Sewing Stardom

Personal style: It may sound corny, but it really is based off how I feel. Some days I wanna get super glam with heels and other days I just want to rock a pair of cut off denim shorts with a tee shirt. It is forevering changing and always a bit off. I like to play with vintage pieces and girlie pieces with a rough edge. I no longer apologize for my style it is who I am. People either like it or they don't.

Natural hair: I wouldnt say my hair defines me, but it is a huge part if who I am. I love my natural hair. I can't even imagine being any other way. Being natural gives me a confidence that I've never felt with straight hair. I stand out amongst a sea of relaxers and weaves whenever I go out and I love that. It's a way of telling the world I am confident with who I am regardless of what other people may think.


organic roots stimulator hair mayo deep conditioner.
LTR herbal essences is my favorite shampoo,
But I use any cheap shampoo most days

Coconut oil
V05 conditioners for cowashing

Any cheap gel alcohol free of course for styling.
Cantu Shea Butter Daily Moisturizers

Favorites styles: braidouts and twistsets
Life Goals: To be creative and great at whatever I do. I have a lot of career goals, but which ever I pursue or accomplish I just want to be happy doing it. That's my main goal to be happy. As of now I am working as a Freelance Stylist and I love it.

Favorite quotes: " We are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams"- from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

That's my favorite movie and that quote has always stood out to me. Another one of my favorites are "Envy is Ignorance, Imitation is Suicide". That one is pretty self-explanatory. Both are constant reminders to stay true to who I am while following my dreams.

Inspirations: My fear of failure and my mom. She is the main reason I am so driven and passionate. I just want to make her proud and support her in the process. I look forward to the day when she never has to work again.

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Dee O. said...

She is so lovely! I follow her blog :) Great post!!