Feb 20, 2011

Style Ideas

I've come to yet another standstill when it comes to ideas on styling my hair. It always seems like it's not long enough for this, or SOMETHING. And since my hair is cut into a style it's even harder, even the simple youtube styles are waay longer than my hair. Does anyone have any cut medium length natural styles or should I just weave it up for the rest of the winter?? Twist outs are great, but I need way more style to match my personality.

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frankieFATALE said...

sorry ash my love! im suffering through the same problem... i did a length check for my nappiversary and after my ends were trimmed, im at shoulder length. my hair is too long to do the stuff i used to do with it and too short to do the bitchin' stuff i would like to do with it. my twist outs even look weird to me bc of the length. idk what to do either!

this sucks, lol.