Jan 21, 2011

Black Women With Style: Chakowa aka Coko Chunky

I love to know about your personal style:

I don’t think that I could possibly describe my personal style in a simple word or phrase. I definitely live in my pajamas and sweatpants. But if I plan on going somewhere, that’s a totally different story, I look like a completely different person. Being comfortable and classy is key.  I love PLUS SIZE fashion, as I have been inspired be numerous fat(shion) bloggers. For me, I always say that the bigger the hair the better, if you don’t notice me, you’ll notice my hair first. Natural hair is the best accessory! Also blazers and cardigans are staples (even during the summer months).


I haven’t actually been the social butterfly as of late. Being anti-social has been my thing these past few months, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. So while spending time by myself, my hobbies have consisted of web/graphic design, all things makeup, watching movies, viewing blogs, and just mainly concentrating on my studies. Quite boring to others, but I enjoy it.

And how what products you use in your hair:

The products that I use for my hair are ever changing. Because I have yet to find the perfect product(s) that my hair loves.  It’s just not normal the way that my hair sucks up moisture. So if you have any advice for me, I am all eyes. But for now I am using Suave Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner. When that runs out, I will be trying something else. I still have a bunch of other products because I’m a recovering product junkie.

How you like to style it and also any Staple products:

After I wash my hair, I then condition and detangle in sections. I use Shea butter and sweet almond oil for moisture, and then I do about 20-25 two-strand twist with either Cantu Shea butter or Giovanni direct leave- in conditioner. Then I rock a twist out for a day or two, after that the twist out turns into a braid out, that lasts for another week or so. The products that are absolute staples are Sweet almond oil, and the Shea butter that I ordered from Coastal Scents. They will forever be staples in my hair regimen.

Also you can share what makes you unique and gives you a certain edge:

My name is Chakowa, and I believe that my name itself makes me unique. I’m quite confident that you will not run into another person with my name.

Or anything else you'd like to say:

I guess that I’d like to say thanks for even wanting to do a feature on me, I am so not fascinating LOL. Lastly, I would like to also make a point that whether someone is a size 2 or 20, that they should be comfortable in the skin they’re in now. This is something that I’ve had to come to terms with myself. Even if someone is in the process of losing weight, they can be just as fly regardless of size, and should not limit themselves. Don’t wait until the desired amount of weight has been lost, because we are fearfully and wonderfully made now, not later, but right now! Be fly in the process, you don’t have to wait until you’re down the 20 or 30lbs.