Dec 4, 2010

My Protective Style

I got it yesterday and just finished cutting out a lot of extra weight with it. It's a full weave so all of my hair is protected from heat and becoming dry. In order to prepare my hair for my protective style, I shampooed with Shea Moisture's Moisture Retention shampoo and then followed up with a condition/detangle session. After that was done, I rinsed then added Cantu's Leave in conditioner to seal in moisture without making my hair feel greasy and also used it as a heat protectant while blow-drying. After that, my friend came over and sew me up! I'm hoping to leave this in for at least a week and a half, then switching the hair out while keeping the braids. My goal is to keep my hair protected for a month and then completely switch to another protective style afterwards, hopefully I can keep it.


Maizie-Nicole said...

i love it love it love it! this is gorgeous...what kind of hair is it?

Kimberly Michelle said...

LOVE this on you.