Dec 16, 2010

Camille of Peace Images

How I got started:
I noticed that I have a lot of jewelry that I couldn't wear because they were broken, so I went to buy tools to try to fix it myself. I came across all the tools and components there and I was instantly interested in working on my own stuff. 3 years later, I'm still at it.

Favorite pieces
My 033010 Ankh ring because it embodies what Peace Images is all about--an expression of the values and spirit of our ancestors.
Tugela earrings because they are flashy but still can be worn every day.
Relativity ring because music and Africa are two of the biggest influences on what I do.

Full time or part time:It is definitely a full-time hustle. I wake up with jewelry on my mind nearly every day, and I'm at my work area by 8am most of the time--on average I'd say I put in 12 hours a day making each piece by hand and running the business side of things as well.

What inspires me:Individuality, being comfortable in your own skin, Black people all over the world, earthtones, nature, shapes, songs, food...I take inspiration from everything.

Hair/personal style/products/regimen:
In terms of wardrobe, I like to keep my style minimal--I rely heavily on accessories and my big hair to define my style. Currently I'm loving really red matte lips and combat boots. My hair regimen is simple, I stick with braid-outs using olive oil Ecostyler gel, and I moisturize with vegetable glycerin and vitamin E oil. I've been naturaly over ten years and the busier my career gets, the less time I have to devote to a complex hair regimen.


Sasha said...

Great interview!! :)

gohelenmarie said...

Nice Interview queen!!! Go Camille!!! :)