Nov 23, 2010

Retaining Length Pt 2.

The other day I flat ironed my hair just for a style change. Once again my hair is in that awkward in between stage. It wasn't really long enough for a style in the front, it was sort of like I was growing out a mullet. And needless to say, it's time for another trim. IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER TRIM. I feel like I just trimmed it. I know when your hair is relaxed you're supposed to get it trimmed every 6-8 weeks, and less frequently when it is natural (10-12 weeks), but how am I supposed to get length if I end up having to trim off every drop of new growth that I get? Does anyone else face this problem? I think an extreme regimen makeover may be the answer to my problems. My 4a/b hair (I just recently took the time to classify my curl, and still don't really care about curl classification, just thought my readers may be interested) already goes through a lot of shrinkage, I just want a more full, easy-going look that doesn't require twisting and braidouts every other day. Maybe I'm asking for too much. Next time I get a trim, it will be more of a dusting than and actual trim. Does anyone else have this problems when trying to retain length? And if so, what do you do when you are trying to retain it?

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