Nov 17, 2010

Protective Style Dilemma

I've experimented with a few weaves since I've been natural and one thing I definitely had to cancel out were the straight ones. I CANNOT and WILL NOT deal with any heat damage.  Trying to keep my hair straight to match the weave wasn't exactly my favorite and I started resenting the weave and the possible damage that it could be doing in my hair just from maintenance. So then I decided that I would get a wavy weave and ended up with the same problem. It finally dawned on me that a curly weave is the only route for me to go if I want a protective style that actually protects my hair instead on damaging it. Why it took me this long to come to this, I'll never know.
If anyone has ever had the same problem, I have a few sites that can help:

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Pilar said...

Heat damage totally sucks. I just did a blog post called "Sew In Do's and Dont's" and I touched on this. I LOVE weaves as a protective style, but I think its imp to be careful