Nov 25, 2010

Natural Hair.

i’m tired of people acting like women with relaxers is such a horrible thing. we all make choices, get over it. just because a woman wants to wear her hair straight does not mean she wants to be white. stop making general ass assumptions based on minor details. why are you reducing a woman’s worth to what is or isn’t growing out of her hair? Majority of black women have worn their hair relaxed at some point or another, if we all grow differently physically, why can’t we grow different spiritually? Everyone goes through things at different times and different stages. Don’t let the kinks in your hair, become the kinks in your mind.

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nappy headed black girl said...

Nice post. I just wrote a similar one that you can check it out here:

When I first chopped I wondered why more women didn't see their true beauty and wanted the world to follow in my steps.

Now that I've been in the game for a while, I realize that relaxers are not the devil and that what's on your head doesn't determine what's in it.