Nov 12, 2010

African Black Soap: RESULTS ARE IN

I love this stuff, I don't care what anyone says about drying out the skin (this can be fixed with a good moisturizer, I used Jojoba oil). It cleared my skin up within a week, and with continued use (morning/night) it stays clean. It removes a lot of dead skin so be prepared with an exfoliator (I used St. Ives apricot scrub). I think what makes me love this the most is that the results seem to be long term. Earlier this year I shared my experience with another cleanser, and well, let's just say if it were still working, I wouldn't be raving about ABS. I got this bar for about 3 dollars at a thrift store last month and I still have plenty left. I just get a knife out and cut a slice (similar to bread) and go on about my way. A lot of people seem to be interested in ABS, but few have access to the actual raw soap. Once my store is open, this will definitely be a staple in it.

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Alana said...

yea. ppl get the 'black soap' that actually looks black. Im like...thats not the real thing!!! They are missing out big time