Oct 9, 2010

Mac Venomous Villains- Violetta

I am so happy to have gotten this. The color is called Violetta and needless to say it is sold out EVERYWHERE. I originally walked into the MAC store looking for a deep purple, but I came up short because most of the lipsticks had more pink in them than the blue I was looking for. As soon as I was about to leave the artist pulled Violetta out of the closet, made me fall in love with it, and then told me it was sold out. By then I was on a chase to find this color. I searched about 5 malls looking for it and got the same answer, It sold out the day it came out. Since it was sold out, I had to buy it online at eBay.com for around $30 (twice the retail price)*.
 I just got it last night when I walked into my apartment so I haven't gotten the chance to where it, but believe me I am looking for one. I'll update with pictures as soon as the time comes.

*Buying certain things, especially MAC cosmetics on eBay can be very risky. People often make false claims of having authentic products, make sure you read the sellers feedback and selling information before making a purchase.

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